Smooth Sailing Podcast 047: Unlandscaped Glory


It's more fun to be surprised by the choices, right? Moving forward, I'm just going to post our names (which you can click on to get to our Twitter accounts) and the link to the video of the song we choose (which you can wait until after you listen to click on so you don't ruin the surprise)!

This week, we welcome back Smooth Sailing host emeritus, Oliver Rockside!

The Twitter:

Smooth Sailing Podcast 044: More Debatable Yachting


Jasen brings us the melodious sounds of "Deep Inside My Heart" while Jason unrolls a Tums as he stares at his empty Big Mac box and says "Look What You've Done to Me" on an all new episode of the podcast that will never body slam a reporter, at least as long as there are witnesses present.

This podcast has one of those Twitter things @smoothsailingpc and we sometimes remember to use it. Sometimes!