Smooth Sailing Special Presentation: SGMR Special #2: The Not-So-Good Side of Kiss

Instead of leaving the feed empty this week (Smooth Sailing returns May 1st), we're presenting part two of Jasen and Oliver Rockside discussing KISS!

KISS Unplugged on YouTube

Heaven's On Fire video

The Final Album List according to Oliver:
  • Alive!
  • Destroyer
  • Rock 'N' Roll Over
  • Love Gun
  • Alive II

Smooth Sailing Podcast 033: Squeaky Hammer

It was too early to stay on the yacht, silly people. We're back on the sofa with two songs sure to make you A) puke B) dance C) head to the fridge for some string cheese. It's up to you.

Jasen time travels to 2018 and blames it on Devo when he yells (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction into the drive-thru speaker at McDonald's and Jason is living the Wild Wild Life of middle age with Talking Heads.


In his podcast Are 'Friends' Electric?, official Friend of the Podcast (FOTP) Oliver Rockside talks about Devo in episode one and Talking Heads in episode 5.

Posted 2/27/2017